iPhone Sports Betting and Sportsbooks

iPhone Sports Betting and Sportsbooks

The act of betting on sports with an iPhone has been gaining momentum in recent years, but this was almost inevitable ever since the device was first unveiled to an eager public in January of 2007. Originally designed during a secret collaboration with AT&T Mobility known as “Project Purple,” the iPhone has been so successful that the media once dubbed it the “Jesus phone” in recognition of the passion generated among its users.

This same level of enthusiasm is now spreading to the sportsbetting community, with the iPhone and other iOS devices giving gamblers unparalleled freedom when it comes to wagering on their favorite teams. While some sites have been slow to offer a mobile option to their players, the sustained consumer interest in the product and an increasingly competitive market have forced even the most stubborn casinos and sportsbooks to reconsider.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the world of iPhone sports betting and sportsbooks in all its glory. From the leading sites supporting the iOS operating system to the specific advantages of the iPhone, the information contained within should help you make up your mind regarding your next mobile purchase.

iPhone Sports Betting Made Simple

This article assumes you’ve made sports wagers in the past via your PC, which means there’s actually a zero-percent learning curve when it comes to using the iPhone. That’s because mobile platforms frequently use the same graphical design and interface on both versions to make life easier for customers. This allows you to switch from iPhone to personal computer and back with no problems, which is always a major selling point in the sometimes complicated world of technology.

Advantages of using the iPhone to Gamble on Sports

If you’ve never used the iPhone to wager on a sporting event, you might be surprised to know that the device carries with it a number of advantages. Here are some of the most notable examples:

• Fast Connection – There’s nothing more frustrating than having a slow wireless connection, but that’s never a problem with the iPhone. You can browse through available sports wagers as fast as you want, which is especially important during live betting.

• Retinal Display – If you’re tired of being distracted by individual pixels on your screen, this Apple-only feature is the answer to all your prayers. Every image is crystal-clear, a feature that comes in handy when you’re watching highlights from a recent game.

• Storage in the Cloud – Hardcore gamblers like to keep records of their wins, losses, and various trends in sports. When you create a document with an Apple product, the iCloud feature automatically stores it in all your devices for easy retrieval.

• Superior Tech Support – Believe it or not, Apple customer support actually puts you in touch with a real human being who speaks English. Nuff said.

• Battery Life– Have you ever missed out on a great betting line because your battery died? That’s less likely to happen with an iPhone, as their battery life far exceeds that of the competition.

• Industry Awards – The iPhone has been hailed as a masterstroke in technological innovation, and it’s received numerous awards over the years. One of the most important comes from J.D. Powers and Associates, as it recognizes the company’s tireless devotion to customer satisfaction. When 40% of your customers have an annual household income exceeding $100,000, that’s the kind of superior service that you can expect.

Best iPhone Compatible Sportsbooks

Not all sportsbooks are created equal, especially when it comes to providing a mobile gaming option. Keeping this in mind, I’ve assembled a list of some of the best virtual bookies to offer their services to owners of the iPhone. Each of these can be counted on for reliability, security, and rapid payments.

GT Bets – Located in the European continent, this online casino and book is compatible with Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry, Android, iPad, and iPhone. You don’t have to download anything to get started, and the mobile cashier allows you to request winnings by just tapping the screen a couple of times.

TopBet – Customers for this site shouldn’t expect to find fancy graphics, but they can rely on consistently strong odds. Any device powered by iOS or Android should work just fine.

Bodog – When it comes to online gambling, few names can rival Bodog for fame and dependability. Their sports betting options include all of the world’s most popular games, and you’ll even be treated to a respectable sign-up bonus when you join. Both Android and iOS users should find their devices compatible with the mobile section of the site.

CarbonSports – All major sports are available, as well as betting options on political elections and the world of entertainment. Players receive free money just for signing up, and payment options include everything from credit cards to cash transfers. Their mobile platform is compatible with iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Android.

SportsInteraction – In business since 1997, this sportsbook and casino doesn’t require a download. It offers the ability to bet on sports as they happen, and the site supports systems such as Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.


I was standing in line at the pharmacy the other day when I happened to strike up a conversation with a young woman in her early twenties. She had her iPhone out during the entire chat, and when it was finally her turn to be waited on, I was surprised to see that she’d been checking out some betting odds on Bovada the entire time.

I didn’t mention this story to show my interest in the opposite sex, but rather to demonstrate that the younger generation is easily adapting to the mobile gaming opportunities offered by an increasing number of online casinos and sportsbooks. Thanks to its ease-of-use, the iPhone can be successfully used by customers of all ages, and gambling with these devices is almost as easy.

While not all online casinos and sportsbooks currently offer a mobile gambling platform, the number has grown substantially in the last few years and is expected to continue its upward trend. Of the sites that do provide the option, it should come as no surprise that the iOS mobile operating system is among the most popular. That means all your portable Apple products can be used to keep you in the sports betting loop, no matter where you happen to be at the time.