iPad Sports Betting and Sportsbooks

iPad Sports Betting and Sportsbooks

The next time you use your iPad device to make a bet on a sporting event, take a moment to consider your status as a virtual trailblazer. That’s because the mobile gaming trend is gaining momentum with each passing day, and an increasing number of online casinos and bookmakers are offering portable options to their customers.

Some individuals are still hesitant to commit to an iPad, as they worry that it’s nothing more than a passing fad. This type of thinking is dead wrong, however, as devices like the iPad and iPhone are now just as entrenched in modern society as earlier innovations such as personal computers. Even gambling sites that were initially reluctant to support mobile devices are now getting on the bandwagon, and you’ll soon be hard-pressed to find any site that doesn’t offer this feature.

Whether you’re a longtime iPad owner or just picking up one for the first time, a wealth of sports betting opportunities are right at your fingertips. This article discusses some of the advantages of owning a mobile tablet, as well as listing some of the best casinos that support iPad gambling.

Differences between iPad and PC Sports Betting

You’ll be glad to know that there aren’t many differences between using an iPad and personal computer to wager on sporting events. Sites use the same no-download software to power their casino or sportsbook, and the audio and visual elements are usually the same. The same goes for the methods of making wagers, although you might be using your finger to manipulate items on the screen instead of a virtual cursor.

If you’re the type of player who often switches between PC and mobile platforms, this continuity is a major plus. It allows you to place bets while sitting in the break room or riding the subway back home, as well as tossing your iPad aside and sitting down at your laptop once you get home. In both cases, the similar layout allows you to make a smooth transition without a lot of fuss.

Best iPad Sportsbooks

Believe it or not, there are still some casinos and sportsbooks out there who’ve yet to launch a mobile gaming platform. These sites are increasingly in the minority, however, as casinos and books have realized that mobile gambling is here to stay.

For players who’ve already established a relationship with an online sportsbook, I suggest looking around their homepage to see if they offer a mobile option. If it’s not readily visible, you can try typing the name of the casino into Google and adding the word “mobile” or “iPad” at the end. If you want to save time, you can also contact the customer service department of the bookmaker or casino and ask them if they’re mobile compatible.

If you’ve yet to choose a sportsbook, or you’ve just learned that your favorite book doesn’t offer wagers via the iPad, here are some solid options to consider. I’ve used all of these sites at some point, and I’ve always found them to be among the best in the industry:

Bodog – This reputable site is one of the top names in the online casino and sportsbook industry, and they make their services available for iPad, iPhone, and Android users. You’ll get a 100% matching bonus up to $100 on you first deposit, and you can choose to wager on a wide range of sports including soccer, tennis, football, MMA, baseball, and basketball.

CarbonSports – The mobile site for CarbonSports is compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iOS (including iPad and iPhone). Get a $100 free bet when you sign up with payment methods that range from Visa to cash transfer. All major sports are offered, as well as prop bets on politics and entertainment. Live betting is also an option, letting you wager on the game as it unfolds.

TopBet – This virtual sportsbook offers its mobile customers a bare-bones experience, but you can still make wages and find solid odds. The mobile version of the site is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android products, although you also have the option of jumping over to their mobile casino and getting in a few games of roulette or blackjack.

Advantages of an iPad for Sportsbetting

If you’re still unsure of whether iPad sportsbetting is right for you, here are a few advantages to consider:

• Portability – You can take your iPad anywhere that has Internet service, and this is the biggest advantage it has over a clunky PC. Laptops have become increasingly portable over the years, but they still can’t match an iPad for sheer portability.

• Streaming Sports – Some sportsbooks stream live games over their site or via an app, and you can watch your wagers unfold right in front of you. This is also helpful if you follow or wager on foreign sports that aren’t broadcast in your television viewing area.

• Second Screen Option – While you’re watching the game at home, you can keep your iPad next to you to check out the latest betting lines and scores. This is especially helpful if you like to bet on sporting events as they take place (aka “live betting”).

• Apps – Owning an iPad allows you to purchase all manner of apps, from the useful to the truly bizarre. Fight zombies in a video game or look for an attractive member of the opposite sex with a dating app. Apple has over 900,000 of these products available for download, and a surprising number of them are absolutely free.


Ipad sports betting gives users the freedom to gamble wherever they like, whether they’re betting on a baseball game while riding the subway or putting together a hockey parlay while camped out in the bathroom. The graphics and sounds have advanced enough to be the equal of what you’d find on a PC, and most virtual sportsbooks don’t even require you to download any content to use their mobile version.

Some iPad sportsbooks also offer casino gaming, giving these sites a potent one-two punch for drawing in additional customers. And since the device is part of the Apple family, you can always download apps or buy the latest hit songs to fill the time when you’re not gambling (which should be increasingly rare).