CarbonSports Deposits and Withdrawals

CarbonSports Deposits and Withdrawals

CarbonSports is the sportsbook arm of a larger USA-facing all-in-one gambling site. Carbon’s family of betting services includes the sportsbook, a casino, racebook, live poker games, and a few other ways to wager. Carbon holds a gaming license from Antigua & Barbuda.

Unlike many big names in the bookmaker industry, Carbon was actually launched as a head-to-head poker website in the early 2000s during the big poker boom in America. Expansion into the sports, casino, and mobile markets were just the next natural step, though poker is still by far the best-known Carbon product.

CarbonSports is famous as an American-friendly site with a long list of international sports markets. Sure, they cover the big pro American sports, but if you live in North America and want to wager on international soccer, you’re better off at a site like CarbonSports than or any other other US-friendly betting site. CarbonSports offers a larger variety of odds and ways to wager on them than most other North America-facing bookmakers.

CarbonSports does not offer much variety in terms of deposits and withdrawals. In fact, if you’re an American customer, you’ll only have one way to add funds to your account and two ways to withdraw it. International customers have a few more options – find the details below.

Currency Support

The only currency supported by the site is the US dollar. This is a common feature at sportsbooks aimed at the US market. Carbon’s use of English and the US dollar is a pretty clear indication that the site is mainly interested in US and Canadian customers. Currency conversion is available at the time of deposit, though you’ll need to talk directly to customer service with specific questions about your currency and how much the conversion will cost.

CarbonSports Deposit Methods

CarbonSports offers two deposit methods:

• VISA brand credit, debit, and gift cards

• Skrill

To use a VISA card as a deposit method, your card must be able to be used internationally and online. Not every VISA card offers those features, so you should check with the issuer before you attempt to deposit. Your deposit range is between $50 and $1,000 per deposit. CarbonSports doesn’t charge any fees to make a deposit with your VISA card.
Skrill deposits are only available to bettors outside of the US and Canada. Skill is an eWallet popular in Europe.

Your deposit range with Skrill is $50 – $1,000 per day. Carbon also limits Skrill deposits to $6,000 per month. You can ask to have your monthly limit increased, but you’ll need to be a pretty loyal customer to get that right. Hint – being loyal means spending a lot of cash.

Take note that CarbonSports allows you to make up to four failed deposits per day – so even if your first VISA card or Skrill deposit didn’t work, you can try again up to three more times without penalty.

CarbonSports Withdrawal Methods

CarbonSports offers four withdrawal methods:

• Check or Gift Card
Check withdrawals range from $50 – $2,500 and require three to five weeks for processing and shipment. All customers are eligible for one free check withdrawal per month – after that, a three percent fee is added Checks are sent via courier, and in some cases you need to be home to sign for your check. You may also request a payment in gift card form for no additional fee.

• Skrill
Non-US and Canadian customers can withdraw between $50 and $5,000 per day via Skrill. This takes a week to ten business days and requires the payment of a five percent fee. You have to make a Skrill deposit in order to receive a Skrill withdrawal.

• Bank wire transfer
If you need a larger withdrawal, a bank wire transfer requires a minimum withdrawal of $500 and allows a withdrawal of up to $5,000. This method takes two to four weeks to complete, and is a bit complicated. You’ll also have to pay a three percent fee, which is $150 for a $5,000 withdrawal. Your bank will also charge fees, since this is an international transfer and a currency exchange must take place. You’ll need to provide CarbonSports with a voided check in order to use this method.

• Debit card
Debit card withdrawals range from $50 to $5,000, but may not be available to US and Canadian customers. This method takes three to five business days, and incurs a three percent fee. Your bank may charge additional fees, and you need to fill out a form and sign it and fax it in before you can use this method. It’s expensive, but it’s convenient.
CarbonSports Cashier Terms and Conditions

Take a moment to read the site’s terms and conditions page. I’ve highlighted some of the more important details below:

• Carbon allows three credit card deposits per day for a maximum of $1,000 per account.

• Carbon does not limit the number of eWallet deposits you can attempt or actually receive. The only limits are those put in place by Skrill, so check with them if you plan to make multiple deposits.

• Deposits and withdrawals are processed twenty-four hours a day, and cashier customer service is also available around the clock.


If you’re an American who wants to bet on sports (and enjoys casino games or poker on the site), CarbonSports is a legitimate option. Sure, the site lacks the kind of variety in deposits and withdrawals that you’ll find at European or Asian gambling sites, but that’s become the norm in the US market.

It’s odd to me that CarbonSports seems to have such a small customer base, especially considering the popularity of Carbon’s poker and casino products. It’s true that Carbon is aimed mainly at American and Canadian bettors, and that those potential customer will have a bit of a headache getting their funds in their accounts. But it’s a nice-looking site that’s full of cool features and betting options. I’d think it’d be more popular. Give it a look, especially if you live in the difficult American or Canadian marketplace.