TopBet Deposits and Withdrawals

TopBet Deposits and Withdrawals

TopBet is a sportsbook and casino site that accepts business from US customers. The site launched in 2011, and holds a gaming license issued by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Best known as a sportsbook, TopBet also includes a full suite of BetSoft and AceGaming casino titles. TopBet customer service is available 24/7.

TopBet’s sportsbook is a newcomer in an industry where some of the biggest names have been accepting bets for decades. That puts it at a distinct disadvantage, at least in terms of experience and trustworthiness. But understand that the US market is starved for legal access to sports bets, so TopBet exists mostly for American business. They’re not particularly worried about their standing on the world stage – these days, simply offering sportsbook services to Americans is enough to get people’s attention.

Between the large collection of American-friendly markets, the exclusive use of the US dollar, and the fact that English is the only language used on the site, it’s pretty obvious who the site’s marketing to. Because TopBet deals with a ton of US-based customers, their deposit and withdrawal options are pretty limited. Details on deposit and withdrawal methods are down below.

Currency Support

Unfortunately for bettors outside the US, the only currency the site uses is the US dollar. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a deposit in your own currency; you’ll just have to pay a currency conversion fee. The site doesn’t make specifics about this conversion fee available to the public. Send an email to for answers to specific questions about currency support. It may be easier (and cheaper) to find a way to deposit using US dollars.
TopBet Deposit Methods

The site currently offers two options for making a deposit, neither of which carry additional fees imposed by the site. They are:

• VISA/MasterCard
You can deposit between $50 and $1,000 using your VISA or MasterCard branded credit, debit, or gift card. Just make sure that your card is eligible for online and international use ahead of time, or you’ll get rejected and won’t have any idea why. TopBet claims a card deposit success rate of “near 100%.”

• QuickCash
You can also deposit between $50 and $1,000 via QuickCash, which is just TopBet’s name for MoneyGram/Western Union deposits. These carry fairly hefty fees, initiated by MoneyGram or Western Union, not by TopBet. In fact, if you deposit $300 or more, the site will cover your fees for you. If you live in the US but can’t use debit, credit, or gift card to make a deposit, it’s a viable if expensive option. Expect to wait a few hours for this deposit to process.

Here’s a look at the fee structure for Quick Cash deposits. Notice how the fee increases exponentially as the deposit increases in size:

Amount Fee (estimated)
$50 $5
$100 $15
$250 $25
$500 $45
$1000 $95

As far as I’m concerned, making a QuickCash deposit to TopBet should be a last-ditch thing only. For starters, you’re going to pay a good chunk of your deposit WHEN THE SITE DOESN’T EVEN CHARGE A FEE. Besides, TopBet makes a big deal out of their willingness to accept credit/debit/gift card deposits, so why not try another card or buy a new prepaid product that might work?

TopBet’s (One) Withdrawal Method

TopBet limits winnings to $100,000 per customer per week, but the site offers just one way to get your hands on your money – check via courier. Regardless of how you made your deposit, the site will mail you a check through a courier service. The only restriction is that they won’t deliver to a PO Box.

TopBet uses DHL and FedEx for all their courier-managed checks. Checks require payment of a $40 fee, but all customers are eligible for one free withdrawal per month. You have to contact customer service 24 hours in advance, but the site will comp you one withdrawal per account per month. TopBet claims that checks are processed and sent within 8 to 15 business days. I found plenty of examples of users of message boards and forums reporting they got their checks in as little as four or five days.

You can request a check as small as $20, but take note that all checks of less than $200 carry an additional $20 “administration fee.” The maximum amount a customer can withdrawal is $2,500 per check. By the way – that’s a pretty low limit for withdrawals. Based on that limit, it would take 40 weeks to earn a $100,000 payout, the site’s max. You’d also end up paying $1,200 in check fees along the way.

Though it’s a drag that the site only offers check payouts, cheer up. It looks like they send them pretty quickly, I can find few player complaints beyond the usual “the games are rigged” type of thing, and the fees are reasonable. If you need more than one withdrawal per month, I question your need to save $40.


TopBet has a lot going for it, especially if you live in the US. I couldn’t find any legitimate complaints about their cashier ripping anyone off, they offer round-the-clock support, and the site uses an attractive interface that’s at least as good as any other you’ll find at a US-facing book.

Where the site isn’t all that impressive is in its collection of deposit and withdrawal methods, if you can even call four things a “collection.” But this fact shouldn’t come as a surprise to players from the United States. In fact, I find their check policies about the same as, by far the best check-deposit US-facing book. If you live in the US and you don’t mind the minor headache of depositing and withdrawing funds to a sportsbook, you should give TopBet a long look.