Bodog Bonuses

Bodog Bonuses

Canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayres founded Bodog in 1996. It took four years for Ayres to launce Bodog as a betting brand, releasing an online sportsbook in 2000, in the early days of the Web-based betting boom. was quickly turned into a household name, and Ayres’ company reported revenue of nearly a half a billion dollars in 2005.

Bodog no longer serves the USA or Canadian market, due to consequences of changing legislation in those North American countries. The now American-less Bodog was losing money and were forced to sell their American operations to the Morris Mohawk Group. That company now operates a Bodog clone for American and Canadian customers called Bovada.

Bodog is still a popular choice for bettors outside the US. It’s an all-in-one site providing sports betting, a racebook, casino games, and a poker room. The site has more than a decade of experience in the gambling industry, and though they aren’t the giant they once were, they have a solid promotional program.

Here are details on the bonuses currently available at Bodog:

Welcome Bonuses

Bodog advertises their casino welcome bonus most heavily, probably because it has the most impressive terms. This isn’t a single bonus offer, by the way – Bodog combines two bonuses into one in order to make the total amount available more interesting to potential bettors. When you combine these two offers, you can technically earn up to $3,000 in bonus cash, all at a match rate of 100%. However, in order to actually get three grand like the ads all say you can, you have to earn the max bonus available from two bonus offers – and then repeat that four times for each bonus. Since the rollover requirement for these bonuses is between 25x and 40x, you’d end up spending a good chunk of change chasing that pile of free cash. The only situation I can imagine actually pulling $3,000 out based on these terms is if you’re a high-roller or a really dedicated bonus chaser with a surprisingly fat bankroll. Take note that only wagers on select casino games count toward clearing this bonus – read more details about Bodog’s casino welcome bonus here.

Bodog’s second welcome bonus offer is aimed at sportsbook customers. If you plan to bet on sports, your first deposit at is eligible for a 50% deposit match bonus capped at $250. This is a weird bonus, because you can clear your bonus cash by playing certain casino games. You don’t have to clear it with just sportsbook bets. I happen to like playing a little blackjack and craps while I wait for a game result, so this one would be perfect for me. The rollover requirement is 6x the deposit plus the bonus for all sports bets, but goes up to 30x for wagers on casino games. Read more details about Bodog’s sportsbook welcome bonus here.

Poker players aren’t left out of the welcome bonus action at Bodog. If you’re making your first deposit and you plan to play poker, your offer is a 100% deposit match bonus worth as much as $1,000. The payout system is a bit more complicated than the rollovers described above; basically, the more poker you play and the more you spend on tournament fees, the more bonus cash you’ll earn. It’s a loyalty system that’s easier to read about than for me to spell out in words. Read more details about Bodog’s poker welcome bonus here.

Referral Bonus

If you refer someone to Bodog and they make a qualifying deposit, Bodog will pay you a referral bonus. This is common practice at Web-based betting sites. I like Bodog’s version because the terms are a little better than average. Your referral bonus will be worth 200% of your friend’s deposit up to a total of $100. The deposit must be at least $20, and in order to earn your referral bonus, you must have at least one deposit in your history. The rollover depends on how you choose to wager – you’ll need to wager 5x for sports bets, 30x for casino bets, and 6x in poker points to earn the entire referral bonus. Read more details about Bodog’s referral bonus here.

Mobile Bonus

The mobile bonus is designed to get existing customers to try their hand at the site’s mobile casino. The offer is simple – accept a $10 bonus in exchange for your mobile wagers. You can play on an iPhone, an Android device, a tablet, or pretty much any Web-capable gadget. The catch is you have to bet $250 or more between Monday and Sunday of the week you request the bonus. Do that, and Bodog will hand you a free $10 mobile wager coupon, along with a rollover requirement of 20x for all forms of betting. Read more details about Bodog’s mobile casino bonus here.
Royal Flush Bonus
Poker players lucky enough to win with a royal flush are eligible for an instant Royal Flush Bonus. This is an automatic bonus worth 50x the big blind paid on the triggering hand. The site will pay up to $200 as a Royal Flush Bonus. A winning royal during tournament play doesn’t count. You also must use both pocket cards to form the winning hand. The final restriction – the table has to include at least three players. Read more details about Bodog’s Royal Flush Bonus here.


You may have noticed that these bonuses bear a striking similarity to the ones available to Americans and Canadians at Bovada. That’s because they’re identical bonuses. It’s odd that a non-US site and a site that accepts American wagers would have the same bonus offers, but that’s how they do business.

The promotions may not be all that special, but Bodog offers a good-looking site with an intuitive design that includes a variety of RTG and BetSoft games. They have around-the-clock customer service and accept a number of world currencies for deposits and withdrawals. If you aren’t an American or Canadian and you’re looking for an all-in-one site with decent bonuses, you could do a lot worse than joining Bodog.